# Becoming a Student

FLA is open to participants both coming from technical and non-technical backgrounds, interested in the use of digital fabrication tools and technologies in education ecosystems.

# How to apply?

To become eligible, you have to register to the course by filling the online form (opens new window) and select an option from the list of active and accepted Local Learning Nodes.

Central Coordination will receive a notification of the application and will re-send the email that contains your profile to the Node you selected.

Once the Node receives one or more applications, the Node’s Instructor will contact you to give you details about the lab and the implications of taking a course such as Fab Academy. In addition, they will assess your profile to understand if you are a suitable candidate for the course. Each Node/Fab Lab establishes their own selection criteria.

Once your pass the Selection Process, the Instructor or Node coordinator will inform Central Coordination, who will send accepted students a mail, wilt an Acceptance Letter. The letter will contain the details of the program and payment instructions.

Application / Acceptance cycles should not be longer than one month.

After you receive your Acceptance letter you have 2 weeks to confirm your seat by paying a Deposit.