# What is Fab Learning academy?

Fab Learning Academy is a Global Certification program for educators using digital fabrication technologies in K-12 settings. Both formal and informal educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators are invited to participate.

# Why Fab Learning?

As schools across the globe are adding makerspaces with 3D printers, laser cutters, and other computer controlled machinery, these spaces and technologies are often not used to support student learning across the curriculum. In these spaces, students are mostly learning ABOUT the technology instead of THROUGH the technology. In order to unlock the teaching potential of digital design and fabrication, teachers need to gain an understanding of the capabilities of the technology, its uses, and also how the technologies can relate to what the students are already learning in school. This approach to teaching using makerspace technologies includes three aspects, all three are included and attended to in the Fab Learning Academy Curriculum.

Venn Diagram

# Distributed education

Fab Learning Academy is taught Globally and supported Locally. To participate in this distributed education program, you must be affiliated with a Local Learning Node. Local Learning Nodes are equipped with the technology, machines, and materials for all participants. Local Learning Nodes also have a Local Instructor on staff to lead hands-on weekly workshops and assess the physical project assignments.

Global Instructors will meet with participants weekly for Masterclasses as well as guest speakers and global assessment reviews. As a participant, you must have internet access in order to participate in the Global elements of this academy.

While Learning Nodes concentrate on the technology learning objectives, Global Instruction is dedicated to pedagogy, innovative practices, and learning theories.

# Program details

  • Global Classes are taught in English.
  • Participants are expected to spend 4-8 hours a week in synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • After completion of all four modules in the curriculum, participating teachers will earn a Global Certification In Fab Learning.
  • Local Nodes may offer additional certification for local participants.
Last Updated: 5/12/2023, 8:50:14 AM