# Course Structure

# How to Teach (Almost) Anything

Fab Learning Academy is a Global Certification program for educators using digital fabrication technologies in K-12 settings. Formal and informal educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators are invited to participate.

Here, participating teachers will join others from across the globe in learning how to use digital fabrication technologies to teach almost anything to their K12 students.

# Course Schedule

The first full cohort of the Fab Learning Academy will run September 2024 - March 2025 (dates to be confirmed)

Weekly, participating teachers in the academy will be expected to spend between four and eight hours with class content both synchronously and asynchronously.

  • Global Masterclasses (90 minues a week)
  • Local Learning Node hands-on instruction (2-3 hours a week)
  • Project work in Local Learning Node (2-3 hours a week)
  • Asynchronous written reflections on project work
  • Asynchronous additional content (readings and videos)

# Accreditation

This program is globally accredited through the Fab Foundation and the Academany Program. Participating teachers who complete all four modules of the course will receive a Global Diploma and will be invited to attend the Academany Graduation Ceremony, hosted with the Fab Conference yearly in August.
Other local accrediation may be offered through Local Learning Nodes.

# Academany

Fab Learning Academy is the newest course addition to a global distributed education initiative called Academany. Courses through Academany are offered in Fab Labs and other makerspaces and institutions throughout the world. More information on the Academany Program here. (opens new window)