# Week 2 - Content Integration

# Class Presentation

# Assignment

# Task 1:

  1. Create an account on SCOPESdf.org
  2. Go through at least one tutorial (see list in the Week 2 summary) which explains the software workflow of a vector graphics tool. We strongly recommend Make Haven material.
  3. Go through at least two different vector graphics tool. Do not dedicate too much time, just explore the main features.
  4. Read the STEAMinOulu handbook. Pages 19-23

# Task 2:

  1. Using the tools and processes learned during this week create a sticker for a laptop, a tote bag, a t-shirt, for you or one of your colleagues. You can also design a vinyl to place in a common wall in your education space.
    • Sticker should reflect the Maker Movement in Education or the opportunities and challenges of using digital fabrication in education.
    • You should create a design completely from scratch OR make some adaptations to a downloaded design (add text, make changes to logo …)

# Tasks 3:

  1. Using the SCOPESdf.org lesson builder tool, document the process.
    • Include 2+ photos
    • Using the "reflections" field, answer the questions:
      • How does this process relate to what you are teaching in the classroom?
      • How does this project inspire you?
      • Could you come up with a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary education activity that you can use with your students using a vinyl cutter? Please, describe it shortly.
      • Describe shortly how would you implement each one of the design process models steps defined in the Master class
  2. If you are having issues with SCOPESdf, please upload the pictures and reflection in the following Google forms (opens new window)

# Extra activity (not mandatory):

  1. Use vinyl cutter/plotter to create something using any of the advanced processes presented in the Masterclass: Silkscreen, flexible circuits. Consult first with your Fab Lab node the availability of material and tools for such activity.

# Resources