# Week 3 - Universal Design & Sustainability

# Class Presentation

# Aditional Materials

# Before Biomaterials Manufacturing

# After Biomaterials Manufacturing

# Assignment

# Task 1:

  2. Watch Circular making, the makers movement’s role in the circular economy: Enrico Bassi from OpenDot (opens new window)

# Task 2:

  1. Create a mold in wood / acrylic using the laser cutter
  2. GROUP: Together with your local instructor and colleagues cook your own material and pour it into your cut molds.
  3. [NOT MANDATORY]: Cut the created material with the laser cutter.

# Tasks 3:

Using the SCOPESdf.org lesson builder tool, document the process.

  1. Include 2+ photos
  2. Using the "learning outcomes" field, answer the questions:
    • How can you integrate this process (building molds / biomaterials) in your own classes?
    • How does this project inspire you?
    • Summarize the discussion in your group work about sustainable practices and circularity. Imagine that you are required to give some advice to your education center leadership on how to make sustainable development better integrate into school activities. What piece of advice would you give them?
    • Reflect on your own teaching. How do you deal with aspects presented in UDL? Can you present a simple learning  activity using laser cutter and/or biomaterials in which you take UDL into consideration (do not go in details, just explain the activity in two or three sentences).
  3. If you are having issues with Scopesdf use the following Google forms (opens new window) to return your answers

# Resources