# Overview

The program aims to create links between technology, learning sciences, and innovative practices in education, to develop digital fluency, through maker methodologies, to improve the learning of new skills and transversal competencies for K-12 students, to build a better, equitable, and fair society for all.

# Intersctions


The Science of Learning serves as a guiding beacon for educators, providing a rich tapestry of knowledge encompassing cognitive processes, emotional intelligence, pedagogical theories, research practices, assessment strategies, and cultural considerations. By embracing these facets, educators can create dynamic and effective learning environments that empower students on their educational journey.


As education continues to embrace technology, it is imperative to cultivate a generation of learners proficient not only in traditional subjects but also in the tools and practices that define the digital era. By fostering digital literacy, coding skills, design thinking, sustainability awareness, digital fabrication, and a keen sense of safety, educators can empower students to thrive in a technologically advanced and interconnected world.


In the realm of innovative educational practices, these components collectively contribute to a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. By integrating maker center projects, emphasizing STEAM Capital, promoting inclusive design experiences, ensuring equitable access, embracing skills frameworks, and cultivating a Fab and Maker mindset, educators can inspire a new generation of learners prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

# Content structure

The structured program provide a clear roadmap for participants, guiding them through various aspects of technology integration and pedagogical strategies. This organized approach ensures that educators can gradually build their skills and knowledge in a systematic manner, ultimately enhancing their confidence and effectiveness in using digital makerspaces in educational settings.