# Week 4 - Preparing a lesson plan

# Class Presentation

# Assignment

# Task 1:

  1. Try at least one of the proposed 3D modeling tools
  2. Try at least one of the proposed additional tools to create a 3D object to be laser cut

# Task 2:

  1. Have a look at some of the lesson plans from the websites provided in mandatory asynchronous content section.

# Tasks 3:

Fabricate using the laser cutter, a simple tool that you can use in your learning environment. Does not need to be targeted to teaching. It can be anything: a box, a small shelf, a measurement tool … You can use any of the provided software (box maker, gear maker …). You can take a 3D model from internet. Doing the design using 3D software is a plus.

Document the process using Scopes.df: "FLA Week 4: Classroom Tool Design"

  1. Include 2+ photos
  2. Using the "learning outcomes" field, answer the questions:
    • Could you propose one or two ideas on how you can use in your classes:
      • Digital fabrication with kids using the laser cutter
      • Digital fabrication for kids using the laser cutter
    • Reflect on your own practice. When you prepare a lesson activity what are the things that you take into consideration? What are the critical aspects? What additional aspects do you need to take into consideration if you utilize digital fabrication processes?
  3. If you are having issues with ScopesDF, using the following Google Form (opens new window) in order to send the pictures and reflection

# Resources